Blockchain and Healthcare

Web3 For Health: Blockchain Healthcare Applications

This article will discuss healthcare applications, the meaning of blockchain healthcare applications, and proposed benefits of blockchain healthcare applications to patients, non-patients, and professionals.

Healthcare applications

Blockchain healthcare applications would improve consumers' (patients and non-patients), healthcare professionals and practitioners' lifestyle standards.

Before discussing blockchain use case in healthcare applications, what are healthcare applications?

What are healthcare applications?

Healthcare applications are software applications that offer remote health-related services. Some of these services are diet management plans, period tracking, mental health checkup, online doctor consultations, and online healthcare markets that deals in health-related products. All these and more fall under healthcare applications.

These services have one thing in common, client's data records. Users need to put in some form of personal data to get rendered healthcare-based services. Some of these uploaded data could be age, gender, financial status, location, symptoms, and credit card information's to purchase health-related products or services.

The Link between Blockchain Technology and Healthcare Applications.

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Digitization of data is present in all aspects of our daily lives, from data storage to doctor consultations and online diagnosis. Most areas in the health field have gone digital.

Digitization of health records comes with various setbacks. Data theft, unorganized patient records, and no clear pathway to data access by professionals and patients are issues in the healthcare industry.

These pressing issues cost the health industry billions in funds, which is why the application of blockchain for healthcare would hugely benefit the health field.

Blockchain technology consists of connected blocks that contain encrypted immutable data. Blockchain deals with everything data; data upload, data security, and data transfer.

A massive aspect of the healthcare industry is DATA. Blockchain for healthcare data would improve data storage and security in the healthcare industry.

The health industry can apply blockchain technology to reduce costs and increase productivity in data management.

One of the major areas in healthcare that could benefit from implementing blockchain technology is the development of blockchain healthcare applications.

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Blockchain healthcare applications are applications created on a blockchain or developed using blockchain technology.

As of January 2023, there have yet to be any developed blockchain healthcare decentralized applications (Dapps).

This article proposes 10 examples of popular healthcare applications that would benefit users if turned into blockchain healthcare applications. It highlights this innovation's benefits to consumers, professionals, and healthcare app developers.

What are these 10 popular healthcare applications?

Patients, professionals, and non-patients use these applications.

Here are the 10 examples and our proposed benefits they could achieve if they ever develop blockchain healthcare applications.

App Interphase For My Calendar

  • Users would have control over their data.

  • Users could get rewarded when their recorded data gets used for research.

  • Consumers have ensured 100% safety of the data stored.

WebMD App Interphase

This healthcare application offers a symptom and allergy checker. It also provides medication reminders.

  • Data Researchers would have access to directly interact with users due to the decentralized nature of blockchain technology.

  • Almost all Health data required would be easy to access with permission given by health data owners.

  • Users Would control their health records on the WebMD blockchain healthcare application.

Medisafe Pill and Med reminder App

Medisafe Pill and Med Reminder application helps individuals stay on track with their medications, doctor appointments, and visits by providing alarm notifications.

This healthcare application also tracks health measurements for various medical conditions and a logbook for users to record drug dosage and usage.

  • Transfer of health data would be faster and easier to access on Medisafe Pill & Med Reminder blockchain healthcare application. Users would have total control over recorded drug data.

  • Data access power would be in the hands of data owners, not application developers.

Samsung Healthcare App Interphase

Samsung Health is a mobile healthcare app specific to Samsung mobile users. It provides a complete health tracker for measuring all related health activities of users.

This application monitors users' sleep, meal options, heart rate and records the fitness information of users.

  • Application users could easily exchange data with entities they feel are trustworthy and may get rewarded in incentives on the Samsung health blockchain healthcare application.

  • Valid data would be easily accessible to researchers with the knowledge of the owner of the health records. Users would quickly achieve health data recovery since data recorded using blockchain technology can never be deleted.

Blood Sugar Application Interphase

  • Data recorded on the blood sugar tracker app can never be deleted, even by app developers. This is one significant advantage of blockchain and healthcare data.

  • The security of all data uploaded is top-notch, as all users appear anonymous on the blockchain.

  • Researchers from the Blood Sugar Tracker blockchain healthcare application would access valid data directly from the owners.

Sleep Cycle App Interphase

Sleep Cycle is a mobile healthcare app that monitors users' sleep patterns by keeping track of sleeping activities like snoring. It provides users with a smart alarm, relaxing sounds to assist users in falling asleep quickly, and records of all sleeping activities.

In addition, it tracks users' bedtime routines and provides a sleep health report in the form of graphs that could help a user track sleep fitness.

Proposed benefits of SleepCycle blockchain healthcare application to users are;

  • Users have control over who can access their recorded data due to the nature of blockchain technology.

  • Hackers cannot easily steal data because of the distribution of data in more than one server on the Sleep Cycle blockchain healthcare application.

Headspace Health App Interphase

Headspace is a healthcare application that offers its users mindful and stress relief meditation and relaxing audio to help manage users' stress, anxiety, and sleep.

Users are provided with specific centered fitness courses and can train with experts and Olympians.

Proposed benefits of headspace blockchain healthcare application to users are;

  • Better partnerships between all involved in the mental healthcare space. Researchers could directly access patients, leading to a better mental healthcare system.

  • Protection of users' sensitive data because of the high-security level surrounding data stored on the block chain.

Lifesum Health App

This app provides a meal diary for users to record their eating habits. It keeps track of users' food and water drinking patterns. Lifesum includes diet and intermittent fasting plans for weight loss.

Users can track water intake in the app.

This healthcare app also includes a fitness tracker for in-depth monitoring of users.

Proposed benefits of Lifesum blockchain healthcare application to users are;

  • Lifesum blockchain healthcare application would give users complete control over their recorded data on Lifesum blockchain healthcare application.

  • The heightened security of blockchain technology would increase the security of data stored in the Lifesum blockchain healthcare application.

Ada Health App Interphase

Ada- check your health is a healthcare application that offers a free symptom checker for all medical problems.

Individuals can get a health check from the comfort of their homes and get almost a perfect diagnosis in less than 24 hours.

Proposed benefits of Ada- check your health blockchain healthcare application to users are;

  • One would have easy access to health history due to private ownership over personal data.

  • One would be aware of who uses their health data because they would have total control of recorded data.

  • Data on a blockchain is immutable. All health data recorded on the Ada blockchain healthcare application can never be deleted.

  • Active users on the app may have the option to exchange their health data for small cash tokens or discounts.

PEPID is a healthcare application that provides a platform for easy connection between pharmacists and app users. The application provides extensive knowledge surrounding medical conditions, research, and drug approvals.

Furthermore, it provides a well-built structure for healthcare practitioners to streamline their workflow easily and efficiently.

Proposed Benefits of the PEPID blockchain healthcare application to users and professionals are;

  • PEPID blockchain healthcare application will robustly monitor patients' drug usage and provide patient-specific healthcare in a highly secure and safe environment.

  • Sourcing valid data from patients would be easier and more organized due to the decentralization of recorded data on a blockchain.

  • Easy data transfer across health-based professionals and entities on the PEPID healthcare blockchain application.

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